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NEW Greeting Card Subscription!
Pick a card & add your message
We mail the card to your recipient!

 Subscription Includes: Free Account & 50% off Cards!
 50% Off Greeting Cards Plus... 

  1. 20 Points Monthly, Good for 10 Standard Greeting Cards!
     - Unlimited access to the World's Largest Greeting Card Catalog!
  2. FREE Web Based Contact Manager
  3. FREE Birthday & Anniversary Reminders
    - We never let you forget special occasions
  4. Send Custom Cards with Photos!
    - Like having Photoshop loaded in your account
  5. Send HUGE Oversized Greeting Cards!  Makes a BIG impact.
  6. Send Video Greeting Cards!  Add a Video in Your Greeting Card!
  7. Group Mailings - Send Invitations, Thank You's, Holiday Cards, etc.
    - Cards mailed to everyone on your list all at once
  8. Add Gifts!  Choose from over 400 Specialty Gifts!
  9. Add Gift Cards! Choose from Starbucks, Target, Home Depot, AMEX...
  10. Send a Series of Cards on Auto-Pilot!
    Follow-up with Customers, Sales Calls & Trade Show Leads!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Are these e-cards?
A:  No.  We mail REAL greetings cards with stamps!

Q:  How much do the cards cost?
A:  $1.98 (pay as you go) or $0.98 with a subscription = 50% Discount!!

Q:  Are there start-up fees, monthly fees or annual renewals etc.?
A:  No.  The account is FREE, just pay for cards & postage as needed.

Q:  Are there additional fees for a subscription?
A:  No.  You'll receive 20 points each month (10 cards @ $0.98 each = $9.80!)

Q: What happens if I don't use all my points in a given month?
A:  No problem.  Points accumulate! Use them for gifts, holiday mailings etc.

*No asterisks required and no cancellation needed since your account is FREE!  Just turn off your subscription and take up to one year to use your points!

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