Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Are these e-cards?
A:  No.  We mail REAL greetings cards with stamps!

Q:  How much do the cards cost?
A:  $1.98 (pay as you go) or $0.98 with a subscription = 50% Discount!!

Q:  Are there start-up fees, monthly fees or annual renewals etc.?
A:  No.  The account is FREE, just pay for cards & postage as needed.

Q:  Are there additional fees for a subscription?
A:  No.  You'll receive 20 points each month (10 cards @ $0.98 each = $9.80!)

Q: What happens if I don't use all my points in a given month?
A:  No problem.  Points accumulate! Use them for gifts, holiday mailings etc.

*No asterisks required and no cancellation needed since your account is FREE!  Just turn off your subscription and take up to one year to use your points!